Introduction to One-Pot Meth Labs

Dealing with methamphetamine labs has always been dangerous to officers responding. However, one-pot meth labs bring a new issue to the forefront due to their likelihood of igniting during the reaction process. It is important for officers to understand how this type of meth lab is likely to fail and the dangers that failure poses to them as well as potential victims in the area of the meth lab.

This four (4) hour training program is designed for law enforcement officers assigned to patrol divisions as well as those charged with the investigation and/or dismantlement of methamphetamine labs. The course consists of classroom instruction that includes videos and pictures of one-pot labs, including the “cooking” process and the reasons for failure.

This program also provides training in how to properly dismantle a one-pot meth lab, either for the purposes of turning the lab over to a contractor or to access so that a sample of the meth lab can be taken for evidentiary purposes. This class could make the difference in determining whether an officer will successfully and safely deal with a one-pot meth lab. This training will also lead to more successful prosecutions of meth cooks who use the one-pot method. Most importantly, if officers use the principles suggested in this class, the risk of injury can be drastically lowered.

  Topics Covered

  • The effect One-Pot labs have had on the re-emergence of methamphetamine labs
  • Review of Pseudoephedrine statutes
  • Identification of the components of a One-Pot meth lab
  • How a One-Pot meth lab works, i.e. cooking process
  • The approximate yield of a One-Pot meth lab
  • Recommended PPE and why
  • The reasons for failure (explosion or ignition)
  • Safe handling of a One-Pot meth lab
  • Dangers posed by One-Pot meth labs
  • Dismantling of one-pot labs (or making them suitable for sampling)
  • Laws pertaining to meth labs
  • Proper documentation of meth labs
      Who can Attend

    Any officers who may be involved in the discovery of a meth lab. Clan Lab certification is not required for this class. All officers need this training in order to protect themselves from the dangers posed by this type of meth lab as well as to successfully prosecute meth cooks who use this method of manufacturing.

      Required Equipment



    The cost includes handouts and instruction in one-pot meth labs. Please contact us for pricing.


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